Durant Clinicians

Melanie Stanley, LADC-U
Kelly Acuna
Kristi Burkhalter, LPC
Amy Burnam, LPC
Rachel Callicoat, LPC
Jennifer Crouse, CMII
Bruce Deerinwater, LPC
Bridggette Hambrick, LPC
Melissa Holaday, LBP
Andrea Holley, LCSW
Shauna McCarter, MSW-U
Jessica Mitchell, LPC
Heather Onstott, LPC
Farrah Dutton, CMII
Elmar Perry, CMII
Amy Richardson, LPC (Clinical Director)
Michele Russ, LPC
Dawn Shipman, LPC
Taylor Shipp, LPC
Tracy Spencer, 
Stefanie Swedelson, LPC
Tracy Walker, LPC
Tarrah Williams, LPC
Martha Wilson, LPC
Atoka Clinicians 
Rebecca Dugan, LPC 
Bridggette Hambrick, LPC
Michele Russ, LPC
Laura Snow, LPC (Site Clinical Director)
Lisa Smith, LPC
Lisa Young, LPC

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